Open Targets Querying with NLP


Query the Open Targets Platform using natural language. The Open Targets Platform ( integrates evidence from genetics, genomics, transcriptomics, drugs, animal models, and scientific literature to score and rank target-disease associations for drug-target identification. The model accepts queries in the form of " What are the top [k] diseases associated with [GENE NAME]?" and " What are the top [k] genes related to [DISEASE NAME]?" Alternatively, for improved precision, you can use the ENSG of the gene or the EFO id for the diseases.

Example use case: Querying Open Targets Platform with Natural Language. If you want to know the top 8 diseases associated with the APOE gene: "What are the top 8 diseases associated with APOE?" or the top 3 genes associated with Alzheimer's disease: "Find the top 3 genes related to Alzheimer disease."

Technology: Open Targets Platform and GPT3

Limitations: It does not produce any novelty or new-knowledge that is not available in the Open Targets Platform. We are currently improving the types of queries it accepts.

Citation:, Ochoa, D. et al. (2023). The next-generation Open Targets Platform: reimagined, redesigned, rebuilt. Nucleic Acids Research.
Released: Mar-14-2023
Biomedical Language Models
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